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SAFER One DAQ – PI Configuration

Last Updated: Jul 12, 2017 03:29PM PDT
This documents describes required steps to configure PI Web API Server connection for Met or Sensor interface for SAFER One DAQ.

The SAFER One DAQ needs an authenticated connection to PI Web API Server to read current value of PI tags from a PI Server. Please inform customer to install PI Web API server on their network, and configure required security settings, so DAQ computer has read access to PI Web API Server and PI Server. To test connection of DAQ computer to PI Server,

. Following steps describes how to configure PI connection for Met or Sensor interface.

Get name of a computer where PI Web API Server is running from PI Administrator. Use this computer name as Host Name to create a Port for PI communication. Set Port number to 443

Select this port in SAFER One DAQ configuration.
  1. Configure PI AF Server Host field. PI Administrator should provide you name of a PI Server.

How to get PI Server name from a PI installation, skip if you already got PI Server name from PI Administrator. Launch PI System Management Tools (version 2016), and PI Server will be listed under Servers,

  1. Confirm mode of authentication used by PI Web API Server from PI Administrator, and select Authenticaion mode in SAFER One DAQ configuration dialog.

  Get root URL of the PI Web API Server from PI Administrator. PI Administrator could launch PI Web API Admin Utility (version 2016) and URL will be listed in Submit Url step.

Exit PI Web API Admin Utility without saving the changes. Launch Internet Explorer (IE) on a PC where SAFER One DAQ is installed. Type PI Web API Server URL and press enter. The IE will show warning if PI Web API Server is using a self-signed SSL certificate,

Click Continue to the next step.

  IE will ask for log-in credential for PI Web API access. Authentication mode is set in PI Web API Server, for Kerberos authentication a valid domain user account is required,

Enter the credential and if log-in is successful, following webpage will be displayed

This verifies SAFER One DAQ PC could connect to PI Web API Server using provided credentials. Now, test connection of PI Web API Server to PI Server from a DAQ computer. Use following URL to get a detail of a PI Server tag in a browser.

Replace "server-address" with address from test URL from previous step, replace with a "PI Server" name and replace with desired PI tag. This request should get following response with detail of a PI tag, if successful.
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