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DAQ, enable proxy redirection

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2017 12:43PM PDT
In some rare cases, it may be necessary to instruct SAFER One DAQ to direct its web communication requests to a specific proxy server.  The
following are settings that can be added to the DAQ's application.yml file to accomplish this.  The Apache Tomcat service must be restarted before
the change will be effective.

Insert the following section in the application.yml file below "daq:" and above "settings:", replacing the sample values here with the appropriate
actual values for your server.  Note that "ntlm: true" means use the account which runs the DAQ service (usually Local System, which would be the
machine account, if the DAQ host is a member of a domain) to authenticate at the proxy server.  "ntlm: false" means use the explicit user name and
password specified.

 host: proxy_host
 port: port_number
 user: user_name
 pass: user_pwd
 workstation: DAQ_host
 domain: domain_name
 ntlm: false

* Note that whitespace formatting in the application.yml is absolutely critical for proper interpretation.  The "proxy:" section must be a child section of the "daq:" section.  Child items are denoted by one space character of indentation from the parent section's identifier.  Therefore, when the proxy: section is inserted into the application.yml file, ensure that the proxy: heading is indented by one space from the daq: heading, and that all of the proxy: child items are indented by one space from the proxy: heading.  Similarly, a single space character must be present between the ":" in the value identifiers and the actual values.
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