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KML/KMZ Layers

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 02:11PM PST
KML Layer feature in SAFER One
Ok so the KML feature in SAFER One has been improved but requires some explanation, this is a quick internal doc for that purpose
You can use any KML/KMZ overlay tool to create visually rich map layers to add to a SAFER One site,

The first point that I would like to make is as of today, NO OBJECT created on the KML/KMZ layer can be a receptor (we still need this feature) –

The second point is a KML is a flat layer without any interaction on the layer itself – this is not true with a KMZ a KMZ can have embedded information that is interactive via the google maps API (directions, pictures, POI’s etc. etc. ..)  --- the KMZ can be interacted with in SAFER One if you enable “KML Info” in the “Map Items >Layer” dialog box

The Third point – IF you have the “KML Info” enabled and item created below that layer can be interacted with and events run but you CANNOT interact with the map itself it will only see the KML/KMZ layer
Fourth to enable interaction with the map BELOW the KML/KMZ layer you must DE-select the “KML Info” box in the “Map Items>Layers” dialog box you can then interact with any item on the map, model but CANNOT interact with the KML/KMZ layer anymore even though it is still visible   

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