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Any application involving maps crashes or gives an error upon running

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 03:23PM PST
 There are several symptoms that can result from the lack of Map Objects installation. These are: - If the error comes up while plotting the plume on the map (i.e "Member not found") - If TRACE 9.1 crashes while trying to load the Example Case Studies Project, the issue is likely related to the lack of the Map Objects. - With Windows 7 due to some strict user/admin permissions,
 MO23rt.exe does not install during normal software installation and hence when user tries to run ER, it gives an error and shuts down ER. To solve the problem, run the mo23rt.exe installer from the command line.
1. Save MO23RT.exe to local hard drive
2. Open command prompt and navigate to that folder
3. type mo23rt.exe space /abcdefghijklmnopqr or mo23rt.exe space abcdefghijklmnopq/
This will launch the installer and solve the issue. In some rare cases, some photography has trouble loading unless Map Objects v2.4 is loaded.
The install file for MO23
Use the same three step procedure above with the MO24RT.exe file.
 Explanation from SAFER R&D team: RT 10.0_Vista and later RT systems use the new ArcEngine but still rely on MapObjects. Other RT versions and Trace use MO exclusively. apart from that, if something happens to the MO installation then it will affect RT. Something we have seen fairly frequently now is SAP interfering with MO which affects RT. Apparently SAP also uses MO but they deploy it using their installer and it can become a struggle between SAP and SAFER to install MO properly.
 The short solution has been to uninstall SAP, then reinstall MO, though it may be possible to surgically disconnect MO from SAP in the registry. In some earlier RT versions after we switched to ArcEngine, our installer deployed and registered just the few required MO files instead of running the whole MO installer. Then some problems were reported so we switched back to running the MO installer itself during our install. It is possible that even after you do your own MO installation, if you uninstall an earlier RT version, it would remove the MO files that it deployed. That could lead to this situation, though I wouldn't expect too many peopled to encounter that. First make sure its not memory issue on the drive.
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